Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 5:
Chevy Chase to Columbus, OH

Well I missed Day 4 - it was mostly an overwhelming day of trying to tie up loose ends and to create closure with folks.  Overall it went fine but it was hard.  Drove by our house for the last time on the way home from work.  I hope the next family has as much happiness and fun in that house as we did!  I indulged the kids and let them bring cupcakes into school for their last day snack (after checking with their teachers).  They both loved this although Wyatt now thinks it is his birthday again - hah!

On to day 5.  Not surprisingly, we got a late start out of DC.  It started with the waffle iron not working and ended with too much stuff and an emergency stop to go potty before we'd even started - oh my!  We did make it to Columbus, OH which should be much but considering our longest stretch in the car was 1:30 - that's pretty good.  One of Katie's little friends left a scavenger hunt for us at a park along the way - too fun!  I did enjoy driving today and all the things we saw - Boonsboro (from the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy fame), the Flight 93 Memorial, Zanesville (home to Zane Gray), and a couple of others I can't put my finger on right now.  We drove through MD, PA, WV, and OH.  It was really fun to tell the kids stories about Pittsburgh and CMU.  Katie wanted to go but the idea of driving out of the way was too much for me.  We'll get to Pittsburgh someday!

So we continue on well and good!  I think we might see a fire breathing dragon and the Arch in St Louis tomorrow!  :)

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